My name is Jon Davis and I am a 28 year old freelance artist from New York, NY. I am mostly self-taught with the exception of a few classes in art theory in my youth. Art has been a hobby of mine since I was six years old. I am mainly a pencil artist but I also do a little digital art from time to time and upon request.The reason why I am endeared to drawing is because I love the beauty of life around me, the trees, flowers or just the simple beauty of the human face and form. I have learned to see the goodness in life and not just dwell on the negative aspects of our world.

I try to capture some of that beauty in my paintings and drawings. I have been drawing freelance for about three years now and have really enjoyed the appreciation that comes from the people who buy and view my art! It's just a pleasure to start from a blank sheet of paper and some colored pencils, then transform it into something colorful! I hope that you will enjoy my work and appreciate the simple joy of life and all of it's artful beauty!

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